Live, in-depth interviews with world-class experts.

Webinar series every year

Every academic year we produce a series of five original webinars, with subjects that cover the full spectrum of business and careers issues.

We pick our subjects based on what attendees of our webinars tell us they want to hear about and we are proud of the quality of our speakers, rated good or excellent by 95% of viewers.

Last year, nearly 7,500 people from business schools all over the world signed up for one of our webinars. You can see past and current topics here.

Interactive sessions

We send out surveys before each webinar so that attendees can put questions to our expert presenters in advance. We survey everyone after each webinar too, not only to find out what people liked but also to discover how we can improve. We take questions from the audience throughout each webinar so that people can get answers to the questions that are important to them.

Survey respondents tell us that they like

  • The quality of our content
  • The real-world advice and practical tips
  • The format and interactivity of the sessions

You can see full feedback for last year’s series here.

Audience comments

  • MORE MORE MORE, I could have listened on for another hour.
  • Interesting and with incredible and simple examples!
  • Fantastic speaker, excellent expert, concise, brilliant, lots of smart advice and latest top-notch research!
  • One of the best webinar I have attended, both from a content point of view as well as a technology point of view.
  • It was really, informative and easy to follow.

Find out more

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We launched this year an on-demand library of our previous webinar recordings. We offer all our webinar partners the option to create their own ?white label? versions. Let us know if you would like to take a look around.

Institutions who participate in our webinars include:

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