A guide to successful salary negotiation,whether you’re starting a new job or seeking a raise.

Step-by-Step Negotiation

The course is split into modules, showing how to handle each stage of salary negotiation, from When to talk numbers to What to do when they say “no”.

Each module is based around a film, backed up by written resources & worksheets, with strategies and tactics for the best results.

World-Class Expertise

Each film includes interviews with experts ranging from headhunters to professors of behaviour and UN negotiators.

They provide intelligent, subtle and strategic advice to help students understand what’s happening at every stage of salary negotiation and know how to prepare for it.

Practical Help

We get excellent feedback from students who have used the course and been helped by it. Of all our users, 97% say they would recommend the course and 80% reported an improvement in their next salary negotiation, on a range of benefits.

Customised for your institution

We tailor our pack to your institution’s needs. The course runs on a white-label site we create and customise with your branding. You have a dashboard to monitor registrations and real-time access to user feedback. We’ll send you monthly reporting emails and a marketing park to help you promote the course to students. If you have any problems, we provide full customer support and a real person to help.

Find out more and try for free

The best way to see how your students benefit from PayNegotiation is to offer them a free trial. Email us to find out more. You can also download this PDF for more details or look at our brochure site.